Remote RAID Recovery Can Help Your IT Department

raidreRAID (redundant array of independent disks or formally, redundant array of inexpensive disks) is a method of organizing computer data into a storage system that uses multiple disks or drives (two or more). Data is categorized by importance and function and then stored accordingly, allowing your computer to perform much more efficiently as the hard drive is less cluttered with data. RAID is not meant to be used as a sole back-up system for your data, it is primarily meant to increase your computer’s performance which is why it’s popular for servers that connect with multiple computers. In enhancing your computer’s performance, it stores and, depending on the level of RAID, creates copies of your data. Because of this data storage capability, RAID recovery companies can retrieve data from your hard drive(s) after a malfunction or physical damage.

In the case of hard drive malfunction, due to accidental deletion, corruption of files or improper installation of software, etc., RAID data can most likely be retrieved remotely, online. RAID Recovery Services is an online site that specializes in remote RAID data recovery. They recover RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 6, indicating their expertise at personal computer data retrieval as well as small business servers. This can be done online by establishing a connection between the customer computer and a technician, or the hard drive(s) can be shipped to the company where the data is retrieved in a certified lab. Their process from diagnosis to recovery is simple:

  1. RAID Recovery Services offers a free online diagnosis of your RAID array in order to determine the best course of action. This is done before any commitment is made by the customer and an interview is conducted to decipher the specifics leading up to the malfunction. If the diagnosis suggests data recovery is necessary, further steps are taken.
  2. Once contact is established between the customer and a company technician, an online recovery environment is created where the technician sets up a secure channel linking the customer?s computer to the technician. The technician is now able to access the customer computer and its system files.
  3. The technician must now run a series of tests to ascertain whether the lost data can be retrieved online or if the drive(s) will need to be shipped to a company location where the data can be recovered. This most often occurs when the hard drive has suffered a lot of physical damage, water or overheating, and the RAID array must be rebuilt or reconfigured. In this case, RAID Recovery Services will actually schedule a UPS or FedEx courier to your door to pick up the damaged drive(s).
  4. In the event that your data can be retrieved online, the computer is scanned and the damage is analyzed. Propriety algorithms, along with other RAID array configuration methods, are used to assess and access the lost data.
  5. Before any data is recovered, a diagnostic report is then sent to the customer, listing the retrievable files.
  6. When the customer approves the report outlining the recoverable data, the technician will complete the recovery process. A new file system is created on the customer?s computer where the retrieved data can be safely stored, ending the process.

This company provides an invaluable remote recovery service that can save a small business or personal computer user when irreplaceable data is lost. Their starting rate is $520.00 and guarantee a ?No Data No Money? policy, ensuring that their service is risk-free. When malfunction strikes your hard drive RRO and their 97% success rate can recover your data within 24 hours.

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